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Professional Mix Engineer with Musical Expertise If you’re looking to take your songs to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Our specialties include vocal production, mixing, and mastering. About Me

As a passionate music lover, my musical training ignites a desire to share this gift with others. Since I first learned to play the guitar at the age of 12, it set me on a path to grow and learn music production, live performance, and ultimately mixing.

As a mix engineer, my aim is to help aspiring musicians and producers achieve their musical goals. Experienced in EDM, Pop, and Hip Hop I also have a strong musical background in Reggae, Rock, and Latin Music. All these musical influences have helped to develop my sonic palette to provide a commercial quality mix for almost all styles of music.

I hope to get the opportunity to work with you on your next project and build a musical relationship that surpasses your project.

Un Parvayil

by Thomson Andrews & Apeksha Dandekar | Nisabdham (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Mix Notes...

Shawn Jazeel is an exceptional young composer from India whom I’ve had the opportunity to work with on the Film, Nisabdham. The layers of musical complexity combined with color and melody is a style that will leave you desiring for more. During this mixing process, Shawn and I worked around the clock – India being 14 hours ahead – and collaborated tremendously to ensure the highest musical standards. It was truly a piece of art and one of my proudest works.


Wow! the choir vocals during the verses sound really good! the blend is balanced and harmonious and sounds clean and natural!
The more I listen today, the more I like it:) Thank you from the Beat of my Heart bro. ha. The absolute best experience is…wait for it… iPhone with good cans on!
OMG! I absolutely love what I’ve heard so far. Thank you,Thank you, Thank you!!
WOW This is beautiful!

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