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User ReviewsAbout Me

As a passionate music lover, my musical training ignites a desire to share this gift with others. Since I first learned to play the guitar at the age of 12, it set me on a path to grow and learn music production, live performance, and ultimately mixing.

As a mix engineer, my aim is to help aspiring musicians and producers achieve their musical goals. Experienced in EDM, Pop, and Hip Hop I also have a strong musical background in Reggae, Rock, and Latin Music. All these musical influences have helped to develop my sonic palette to provide a commercial quality mix for almost all styles of music.

I hope to get the opportunity to work with you on your next project and build a musical relationship that surpasses your project.

What People Are Saying

Amazing!! Nothing but amazing! Very patient and kind!!! Very talented and works fast to provide customer satisfaction. Receives criticism well and provides his input as well. I can’t wait to work with him again. – Maria Katre
As a side note from me, coming from an IT background where using collaborative tools to communicate is a big deal, the fact we were able to use Trello to relay notes was impressive because you don’t see a lot of mix engineers using that level of collaboration to communicate with clients.  We have been in situations where the engineer didn’t communicate well so it meant a lot to us that you were quick to reply back to us and worked to understand what we were looking for.  Your level of professionalism sets you apart from others in the field. – Producer

“Best experience I ever had working with a mix engineer! I guess the highlight for me besides the great talent of the engineer was how easy it was to communicate and exchange ideas openly.  The work started with phone call that set a good tone for what was to come and allowed us to establish some sort of complicity for the challenge ahead.  In the end, I was extremely happy the mixes done as they reflect exactly the vision I had of the finished project.  I would 100% work with Alex again.”

– Ssidy


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